May 14, 2020

May 2020 Travel Advisory

This Travel Advisory has been rescinded effective June, 2020....

Monterey County has extended it's shelter at home order until further notice. The County has ordered we do not advertise or accept short term rentals of 30 days or less for stays,, unless:

1) Our guests are coming for work deemed essential.

2) To provide necessary care for a family member or pet in another household who has no other source of care.

3)To move residences, but only if it is not possible to defer an already planned move, if the move is necessitated by safety, sanitation, or habitability reasons, if the move is necessary to preserve access to shelter, or necessary to secure employment in an essential service.

4) Travel related to the provision of or access to Essential Activities, Essential Infrastructure, Essential Governmental Functions, Essential Businesses, or Minimum Basic Operations.

5) Travel to care for any elderly, minors, dependents , or persons with disabilities.

6) Travel required by law enforcement or court order.

7) Travel to manage after-death arrangements and burial.

8) Travel to arrange for shelter or avoid homelessness.

9) Travel to avoid domestic violence or child abuse.

10) Travel for parental custody arrangements.

At this time, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors requires us to ask for all rentals, of 30 days or less; Will you be travelling, or performing work ,deemed essential under State and Federal Guidelines?

If you can respond with an affirmative answer, we may proceed with your reservation.

Coast Estate has always taken every measure to ensure the safety of our guests. Beginning with cleanliness. Since 2014, we have cleaned our homes with hospital grade, safe cleaning solutions.

Our primary cleaning agent kills 99.99% of all pathogens known to man. As a virucide, it kills 99.99% of viruses, ranging from Herpes Simplex 2, Influenza A2, Ebola, HIV1 and yes, CV1 & CV2.

We have also been ahead of the new COVID-19 responder guidelines. We are responsible as business leaders for the safety of our guests and staff. We wait thirty hours between each guest departure before another guest arrives.

Here's why we use Oxi-clean in all our Laundry

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Roger Mercer, PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Director of Florida State University College of Medicine T...
Answered May 21 2013 · Upvoted by Malcolm Sargeant, Degree level applied chemistry + 20yr experience in corrosion prevention and water treatment

Oxiclean is reputed to be composed of about 60% sodium percarbonate. The percarbonate anion is basically a 1:1 mixture of carbonate anion ((CO3)2-, the active ingredient in washing soda) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). When it is dissolved in water it creates a solution containing both carbonate and H2O2.

Since hydrogen peroxide is a liquid and is most often sold to consumers as a 3% solution in water, while OxiClean is a solid that contains hydrogen peroxide, you have to define the conditions you want to compare. Basically we have to decide how much OxiClean to dissolve in how much water when making the comparison.

I decided to compare the concentration of hydrogen peroxide from these products when they are used in a high efficiency washing machine. The numbers I calculate are based on several guesstimates, including the volume of water in the main wash cycle (24 liters), the percentage of percarbonate in OxiClean (60%), the mass of OxiClean to use (70g), and for comparison, the volume of 3% H2O2 solution to be used in an HE washing machine (250 mL of 3% solution).

I'm not going to drag you through the calculations, but I end up with a wash water concentration of H2O2 of 380 ppm for OxiClean and 310 ppm for 3% H2O2.

Another way of looking at the problem you pose is to ask the maximum concentration of H2O2 you can get from a saturated solution of sodium percarbonate (i.e. by dissolving as much of it as possible in water). Using the wikipedia value for sodium percarbonate solubility (150 g/liter) and assuming that the other ingredients in OxiClean don't change the solubility of the percarbonate, the answer comes out to be a maximum concentration of 3.2%. In other words, the highest concentration of H2O2 you can get from OxiClean is just about the same as the concentration of the bottled peroxide you buy from the drug store.

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