Home Watch Services

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Home Inspections - We'll be happy to perform a thorough inspection of your home to ensure all is as well and recommend remedies for any problems.

Basic services include inspecting for:

  • Storm Damage
  • Force Entry
  • Vandalism
  • Check for plumbing failures, stains,
  • signs of water leaks; ceilings, windows and doors
  • Check decks and balconies for water ponding and dry rot
  • Check signs of pest invasion Flooding / Broken Pipes
  • Check circuit breakers and reset any that have flipped
  • Function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner
  • Check doors and windows for signs of mold and verify they are locked
  • Run garbage disposal, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
  • Check refrigerator and freezer adjust settings accordingly
  • Reset any clocks if needed
  • Flush all toilets and wait until the run is complete
  • Check thermostat, run heating and air conditioning to verify operation
  • Check the settings of room humidifiers service humidifiers if needed
  • Reset security system upon departure
  • Removal of newspapers
  • Forward first class mail remove newspapers and flyers
  • We can start your cars if you wish
We can act as your emergency contact in your absence

If a problem is detected and requires immediate attention, we'll contact you and handle it for you.
Remember that Carmel Coast Estate's Home Watch works for you as your agent.

Our job is your peace of mind.

Carmel Coast Estate's Home & Property Watch Overview

Carmel Coast Estate's Home Watch Fee Schedule