About the Coast Estate Team - Joseph's Story

We consider ourselves truly fortunate to live and work here.

I came to the Monterey Bay area in 1981, as a Clinical Medical Specialist in the U.S. Army. After a tour of duty overseas in ’82-’83, I was fortunate to return to Monterey as Sergeant and assigned as an Advanced Combat Medical Specialist in the 2nd Squadron 10th Air Reconnaissance from ’83-’86.

I still remember my Dad, a WWII veteran who served as a B-17’s tailgunner flying 32 combat missions over Europe, coming to visit in 1985. He was staying in Pacific Grove and had been out and about, visiting Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach and the world famous 17 Mile Drive.

I took him out to dinner on Cannery Row the third evening he was here. Over the course of dinner, I asked; “Dad, how do you like it here?

He answered; “If I had come out here after the war, I would have never gone back home.”

Sadly, my path lead me away in 1995, due to job transfers. In the back of my mind, I always planned to return, even keeping my Monterey home and renting it out. In 2010, I made it back to California, landing a consulting contract as Interim G.M. for a Company in San Jose. After that contract expired, I moved first to Soquel, then Freedom.

In early November 2012, I received word from my Property Manager that my tenants had given their 30 day notice – a week ago! My first reaction was to be upset by the delay in relaying this news, feeling that was no way to treat a client.

My next thought was, how will I approach the situation? Unhappy with my Management Company, I knew our relationship was over. But what to do about the house?

As I contemplated the situation on my deck that night, and the next two evenings, I saw a total of seven shooting stars, all heading south toward my home. Apparently, I’m slow to pick up on signals, so all seven were needed before I decided I was going home at last.

I spent 2013 marketing my consulting services to small businesses who needed help or just to get started. I also met MaryJane Caputo-Walters , and found we had a terrific synergy as we worked together. In late 2014, MaryJane and I started our own property management company servicing Vacation and Long Term rentals.

I can truly say, I have never been happier in my life.

If you have never been to Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Big Sur, you should come see the place where heaven touches earth. You won’t want to leave.