About the Coast Estate Team - MaryJane's Story

MaryJane Caputo was born in San Diego and raised at Lake Tahoe. At the age of sixteen, she began her collegiate studies, supporting herself as a sales-person in a shoe store. Within a few months, she was promoted to Manager. MaryJane graduated with a degree in Marketing from the University of Nevada-Reno.

MaryJane’s first experience as an entrepeneur came when she founded and managed a Mortgage Company in Lake Tahoe. It was during this time her three sons, Holden, Devun and Tre were born.

In 2001 she began a new career, moving her Real Estate License to the Hyatt Vacation Club as a sales executive. MaryJane quickly became the top sales producer at Hyatt High Sierra Lodge.

In 2004 the Hyatt Vacation Club moved her to Carmel as a sales manager for The Highlands Inn. Within a year she assumed the role of Director of Sales and Marketing. The sellout budget for the project was $80,000,000.

MaryJane had a solid record for advancing Hyatt’s business development campaigns and working diligently to maintain solid client relationships.

She spearheaded the development, implementation and management of marketing plans, budgets, advertising and sales goals.

MaryJane has an exceptional background in recruitment, training and daily management of sales executives and support staff personnel.

In 2008 MaryJane left the workforce to devote more time into coordinating the intellectual, athletic, and social endeavors of her three then elementary school aged boys.

In 2012 MaryJane joined the staff of a four year old startup local vacation rental company. She quickly became Director of Operations, managing support staff handling reservations, check-ins, check-outs, cleaning, maintenance, guest experience and owner and client relationships.

In June of 2013, MaryJane’s beloved husband, George Walters passed suddenly.

By August of 2014, MaryJane had helped her employer grow their portfolio from 20 properties to almost 80. Her son’s and a small business consultant, Joseph Sennish , convinced her that she was working way too hard for way too little.

MaryJane resigned and in 2014 joined Joseph at Coast Estate. In 2015, they incorporated as Coast Estate Real Estate Property Management, Inc., then restructured and rebranded as Carmel Coast Estate, Inc. in May of 2020.

Holden, Devun and Tre all grew to be honor roll students and multi-sport athletes. All two of the young men have completed college now, while the youngest looks forward to his Junior year.